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Evaluation of the photoprotective potential of the essential oils and ethanolic extracts of aniba canelilla (h.b.k) mez.

Sunscreen is a lotion that helps protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation from the sun. So there are two types of sunscreens; chemicals (sunscreens) that absorb UV radiation before penetrating the skin layers; and physicists (solar blockers) that reflect and spread this type of
radiation. In this way, the present work had as objective to evaluate the photoprotective activity of the essential oils and extracts of Aniba canelilla, making use of the spectrophotometric method of Mansur; a preliminary qualitative phytochemical screening was also carried out to determine the presence of polyphenols and alkaloids, characteristic compounds of plants that absorb UV radiation. At the concentration used and standardized, the raw extract of the leaves was the one that presented the highest SPF, so a more detailed study will be carried out in relation to its chemical composition so that its constituents can be isolated and identified for later use in formulations of sunscreen .


Edson Queiroz da Fonseca Júnior, Roberto Barbosa de Castilho, Patrícia Melchionna Albuquerque, Geverson Façanha da Silva



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