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A Novelty from Underexplored Amazon: Mandevilla manicorensis (Apocynaceae)

Mandevilla manicorensis (Apocynaceae) is here described and illustrated. We also include photo plates, a distribution map, taxonomic comments, and morphological similarities with other species. It is similar to M. rugellosa, but differs by its broader bracts, longer sepals, and orange corolla lobes. A dichotomous key is provided for the species of Mandevilla group “Exothostemon” with hypocrateriform corollas and foliaceous bracts in South America.


Caroliny Almeida Coelho, Bruno S. Amorim, Marta Regina Pereira, Fernanda N. Cabral,
Patricia Melchionna Albuquerque, and J. Francisco Morales


DOI 10.1600/036364420X15862837791203

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